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The Follow YOUR Heart campaign was developed to educate women about HIV-associated heart disease, and the importance of clinical research participation in studies like REPRIEVE; read the article on how the REPRIEVE Follow YOUR Heart campaign was created with women from the community here.

Listen to the REPRIEVE Trial Follow Your Heart Song

by David Berkeley

30Port-David0061-400pxDavid Berkeley is a songwriter and author based in Santa Fe, NM. He has just released his seventh album, which accompanies his second book. He composed the “Follow Your Heart” song specifically for the REPRIEVE Women’s campaign. To find out more about David and how to hear the full “Follow Your Heart” song, visit

Did you Know?

    • Women with HIV are 3 times more likely to have a heart attack than women without HIV.

    • REPRIEVE is a clinical research trial exploring prevention of heart disease among women and men living with HIV.

    • An important goal of the study is to examine how factors unique to women — such as female hormones — affect heart disease risk.

    • The study will also teach us whether pitavastatin lowers heart disease risk in women as well as it lowers risk in men. 

This website, and any related materials, applies only to REPRIEVE A5332. See list of participating sites here.

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